About Us

At Millgate, we delight in the detail. We build unparalleled country homes of distinction in perfect harmony with their mature settings. For us, every little detail counts.

We only use the finest materials; we employ the most skilled of craftsmen; we include every modern convenience; we take pride in our timeless design. At every stage, each individual element is lavished with care.

brockenhurst_comm-areasIMG_5838_web Millgate specialises in selecting only truly idyllic sites from some of the most sought-after locations in the home counties and we realise the potential to transform that land into a home you will want to live in for a lifetime.

From secluded mansions to lavish apartments, Millgate combines modern, luxury living with the classic, timeless feel of a property that has matured alongside its surroundings.

At Millgate every home is bespoke. We start with a blank canvas and work with leading designers and architects to ensure our homes are as individual as the discerning clients who purchase them.

We celebrate symmetry, we enthuse over elegance, we deliberate over every detail, from how to achieve a sense of arrival to the flow of every room.

We combine the exceptional skill of our master craftsmen with the inherent quality of traditional materials, building each aspect of our homes using time-honoured techniques.

Our devotion to detailing reveals itself in every individual element, our craftsmen share our belief and passion in creating some of the finest homes in the UK.

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