Celebrate National Bed Month and catch 40 winks in a magical Millgate master bedroom

The Sleep Council, the consumer education arm funded by the National Bed Federation, the trade association for British bed manufacturers has designated the month of March National Bed Month.

The Sleep Council’s longest standing awareness campaign, started in 1990, promotes the importance of getting the very best from your night’s sleep and the role that a good bed plays in achieving this.

Historically lack of sleep has been used as a form of torture and there is good reason for this as many new parents can relate to! Sleep is vital for mental and physical health and wellbeing; for without this precious commodity, an individual will eventually encounter long-term health problems.

At the end of 2013 scientists at the University of Rochester (US) found that the human brain actually NEEDS sleep to survive. It is during sleep that the brain cleans out the junk that we accumulate during our waking hours.

The scientists found that unlike the body which has waste cleared out by the lymphatic systems, the brain is disconnected from that and needs another way to remove waste. This essentially happens during our sleep, where space is cleared for a new day. And it transpires that ‘brain cleaning’ is 10 times more efficient during sleep than when we are awake so, yes sleep is a necessity.

The Sleep Council has a plethora of useful and practical advice on how to maximise your sleep, from kitting out your bedroom with the right bedframe, mattress, lighting and temperature, introducing specific ‘wind-down’ procedures to combat stress and worry as well as diet and exercise tips.

Luxury house builder Millgate is equally passionate about creating a perfect night’s sleep for their home owners with the team drawing upon their 25 years building experience to create magical bedrooms.

The master bedroom in a Millgate home will, if possible, be located at the rear of the house away from any potential road noise. Famous for their softened feature walls which are often seen within a Millgate master bedroom suite, these beautiful curves create a flow through the room, eliminating any harsh corners. Many of their master bedroom suites will also afford an exterior terrace or balcony, wonderful for enjoying the morning sunrise but also useful for allowing fresh air into the room by throwing the doors open.

A dedicated seating area is always incorporated into a Millgate bedroom, somewhere to read or wind down before sleep catches up with you. The bathroom areas are set away from the bed and unlike many constructors Millgate do not install lights that automatically turn on as you enter the bathroom which could disrupt a light sleeper. The wardrobes in the dressing rooms have soft close doors to keep noise to a minimum and create a feeling of calm and wellbeing.

As with everything they do, Millgate takes things one step further working with Alexander James Interiors to dress their Show Homes. Creating bedrooms that are both functional and conducive to sleep is a crucial part of the work carried out prior to launch.

No ordinary beds will be found in a Millgate home. Indeed, each product is hand selected from a varied range of specialist suppliers. It is very important that each bedroom looks unique and in no way resembles anything that might be found in a conventional new home.

The furniture will have been hand-selected to mirror the ‘feel’ of the room and create something to capture the imagination of the prospective buyer. The bed itself will be a work of art. Almost every master bedroom will feature a super king sized bed with a handmade headboard which ties in seamlessly with the design theme. The finest Egyptian cottons and exotic silk throws dress the bed, with plump feather filled pillows and a plethora of designer’s guild style cushions to add the final touch of indulgence.

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) did a study aptly named ‘Case for Space’. Their study looked at the space required for comfortable living within a home. The results found that the minimum size that a bedroom for two people should be a minimum of 11 square meters. A master bedroom in a Millgate luxury country mansion is likely to boast as much as 66 square meters – one would imagine that sleep would come very easily in such palatial surroundings.

The detail, care and attention which goes into every single magical Millgate bedroom should be seen to be believed. Visit www.millgatehomes.co.uk and see for yourself luxury at the top of its game.

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