Star pupil: Luxury house builder Millgate renovates Wargrave Pre School

Wargrave Pre School in Berkshire, running for over 30 years, has been in need of some tender loving care for quite some time. Any funds directed their way were instantly absorbed into the day to day running of this much needed charitable organisation which gives Mums and Dads in Wargrave a respite from childcare for a few hours.


The energetic Parent Teachers Association (PTA) decided to do something about this, conscious that the building was tired and in desperate need of some serious funding to address the situation. The PTA approached a local builder, Millgate , who were constructing a stunning new development of town houses also in the village, just off Victoria Road. Impressed by the workmanship and their attitude to the local community, Millgate appeared to be the kind of business that might like to get involved.

vb61158_Victoria Mews Wargrave_ 02-

David Simpson, Managing Director at Millgate , was delighted to be asked to help with such a wonderful cause. He assigned Kyle Burgess, Millgate’s Quantity Surveyor, to the project and before long a plan was in place.

Due to the hard work already undertaken by the supporters of Wargrave Pre School, a fund already existed to start the renovations. The council generously contributed some new flooring, external fixtures and fittings and extended the Pre Schools’ playground size. With the donation of a further £14,500 worth of time and goods from Millgate and their contractors/suppliers this has meant a world of difference to the school development.

Commenting on the renovations, the Chairperson of the Wargrave Pre School PTA said:

“The difference in the school from before and after is like night and day.

“It is like walking into a happy, sunshine room. The staff appear to be positively beaming and full of renewed energy. This renovation is going to attract more parents to use the local school.”

The work carried out by this amazingly committed team from Millgate has included a great deal of restoration of the internal roof, walls and partitions. The floor donated by the council was fitted by Millgate and they installed a bright and airy new kitchen area, new bathroom facilities throughout and created a quiet space, a den and a changing area internally to allow different activities to happen simultaneously throughout the school day. With new electricity supplies and plumbing Wargrave Pre School is now a safer, happier place to be.

Outside in the playground Millgate have constructed a new sand pit and a pagoda which has given the children plenty of options for enjoying their outside play times.

Kyle Burgess, Quantity Surveyor from Millgate, comments:

Wargrave Pre School “As much as my team and I love building luxury new homes, this project has been such an incredible assignment. The support of the local community, the staff and the never-ending enthusiasm of the schools’ PTA has made this a superb project to work on.

“This project would not have been possible without the generosity of Millgate’s suppliers and contractors. It has been a team effort from so many people, their kindness has been overwhelming. I genuinely feel that we have made a difference to lives of the staff and children at Wargrave Pre School and I hope for many years to come that children will still be using and enjoying the fruits of our labour.”

For more information on the project please contact Millgate on 01189 343 344 or visit

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