Haunted castles and high-heeled vampires – is no property safe from ghostly happenings this Halloween?

As Halloween approaches, ghostly tales and spooky happenings are once more front of mine. With such a long and rich history, it is perhaps not surprising that almost every area in the UK can produce a local legend at this time of year, perfect for telling around the campfire.

Take the town of Farnham, in Surrey, for example. With a pretty river, attractive architecture and hidden gardens, this delightful town attracts tourists and high-end property buyers throughout the year. Yet as Halloween approaches, locals mutter about the elderly lady who appears to walk the churchyard of St Andrew’s Church, while Latin singing can be heard emanating from the building.

At Farnham Castle, phantom children have been observed running along the upper balcony, while the shadow of a young girl dances on the stairs where she is said to have tripped and died. A bell can often be heard tolling in the keep, where it used to be housed, and in the cellar a long-dead soldier who was shot in the face causes visitors to twinge as they explore.


Jonathan Cranley, Sales and Marketing Director for award-winning developer Millgate, which has three detached 5 bedroom country homes at Lower Bourne, on the outskirts of Farnham, comments:

“Ghostly tales are such a great part of the British culture. No matter where you live there’s always a spooky local story to add spice to the location.”

Millgate’s Tattingstone properties at Lower Bourne match generously proportioned interiors with substantial gardens, which are perfect for luxurious family living. Farnham is just three miles away – close enough for easy shopping at the celebrated local markets, yet far enough to avoid the castle’s ghostly residents!

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